An introduction to Snowdown

Snowdown is the small isle in the southeastern corner of the Moonshaes, directly south of Alaron. Its location affords Snowdown the luxury of being the warmest and the most fertile island, as well as the Moonshae location farthest away from the predation of the Northlander raiders and unaffiliated pirates.

Long ago, the residents (mostly Ffolk) of Snowdown had a reputation as the least friendly and most aloof members of the Moonshae nation. While the other Moonshae peoples fought hard and sacrificed much to overcome obstacles and attain their national identity, citizens of Snowdown talked much but did little. When merchants representing Amnian interests established homes, businesses, and extensive trade relations on Snowdown, many observers on the other islands warned of potential treachery. Snowdown scoffed at those warnings and enjoyed the luxuries that Amnian merchants and vessels brought them.

When a civil war threatened to depose House Kendrick, and Amn was rumoured to be involved, Moonshae citizens were furious. Snowdown, however, refused to believe the rumors and allowed Amnian interests to remain on the island. Then finally, when Amn annexed Snowdown and drove out the high king’s forces, the citizens of Snowdown shrugged and accepted their new rulers.

Those who allowed the annexation are called traitors, while a few bide their time with the hopes that High King Derid can muster his forces and drive the Amnians and their sympathisers into the sea. Many wonder why Derid has not acted already, bringing into question his courage. The truth is that Lady Erliza Daressin, the Amnian Viceroy of Snowdown, holds a trump card that stays the Derid’s sword hand: his son.

An introduction to Snowdown

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