This village, which shares its name with the lake that occupies central Snowdown, is hardly noteworthy apart from its location along the Snowdown Ride between Westphal and Llandrain. A small and seemingly insignificant person here might hold the power to change the region, however.

The human scribe Heinrich Mucklepratt is a low-level functionary of the mayor of Harloch, charged with keeping records of the goods and raw materials passing on the road through Harloch. Bored with the tedium of his record-keeping, Heinrich spends his idle time studying books on the history of the region.

In his search for materials to read, he came across a book detailing what the locals call moonwells. These pools of water are revered by the old druids who are no longer present on Snowdown but presumably exist elsewhere.

When he found the book in a run-down shop in Westphal, it was impaled by what seemed to be the horn or talon of a large beast. Heinrich pulled the object from the book, and a jolt coursed through his body. He liked the feeling so much that he keeps the horn with him at all times. When he holds it and reads about the moonwells, his heart beats more rapidly, as if he has just run several miles.

After Heinrich found the book, an old Ffolk farmer related a story to him that one of the moonwells rests in the forest on the far side of the lake that the locals call Harloch. Since learning that information, Heinrich cannot get the moonwell out of his mind. Although it would mean neglecting his duties, something that he would have never dreamed of doing in the past, Heinrich wants more than anything to take the horn to the moonwell . . . and maybe see what happens if he tosses it in.


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