The Moonwell of Andover Heights

Moonwells are spring-fed pools of fresh, clear water that exist in various locations around the Moonshae Isles. A moonwell always appears in the middle of a deep and wild forest, providing the natural flora and fauna with a source of unspoiled water.

In preceding centuries, the moonwells were thought to be gifts from the Earthmother. Those who worshipped her, especially druids, kept a sacred vigil over these places. The waters of the moonwells were said to have magical powers, although what those powers were is not common knowledge.

Various evil forces, including some dark deities, found ways to corrupt the moonwells, turning them into portals from which the vilest of beasts could emerge to threaten the safety and sanctity of the surrounding land. Over a century has passed since the moonwells’ corruption. Since that time, it is thought that the Earthmother dampened the primal nature of the moonwells, ensuring that no force could usurp their powers again.

Practitioners of primal magic and worshipers of nature deities prophesy that, in the time of greatest need, dedicated heroes of the Moonshae Isles will find a way to return the moonwells to their full power, in defence of the homeland against an invasion from another world.

The Moonwell of Andover Heights

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